The AC fuse and relay within the Ford F-150 play a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning of the air conditioning system in the cabin. If these components malfunction, they can disrupt the circuitry responsible for AC clutch control, climate control, and the compressor unit. Having a clear grasp of the location of the AC fuse and relay in the Ford F-150 is crucial for effectively troubleshooting any AC-related problems of Ford F-150.

Understanding the AC System Fuse and Relay.

AC system fuse and relay in a vehicle like the Ford F-150 is pivotal for the optimal operation of the air conditioning system. These components play a crucial role in regulating the power supply to various AC-related elements, including the compressor, clutch control, and climate control. By gaining insight into the location and purpose of these fuses and relays, owners can effectively troubleshoot AC-related problems, ensuring that the cabin remains comfortable even in hot weather conditions.

Where is the 2021 Ford F-150 AC/ HVAC Fuse and Relay Located ?

In the 2021 Ford F-150, the AC or HVAC system is strategically positioned in the under dash fuse box. Within the under dash fuse box, specific fuses are dedicated to the climate control, labeled as fuse numbers 12.

Learn more about the location of AC System Fuse and Relay for other year models of the Ford F-150.

2021 Ford F-150 AC System Fuse and Relay Location of Under Dash.

In the 2021 Ford F-150, the AC system Fuse and Relay is located in the under-dash ,the fuse panel is located under the right-hand side of the instrument panel.

an image of the Ford F-150 dashboard with read box and arrow to highlights the fuse box of passenger compartment to demonstrate the location of AC fuse box location .

2021 Ford F-150 AC Fuse Location in Under Dash Fuse Box Diagram.

Fuse and Relay FunctionFuse and Relay NoLocationProblem, if malfunction 
AC Related Fuse Relay Location
Climate control.12Under DashAC head unit won’t Turn ON.Check more about Ford F-150 2021 Fuse Box Diagram and Location.


In conclusion, understanding the importance of the AC System Fuse and Relay and its role in the functioning of Ford F-150’s Air Condition system is vital for maintaining a seamless driving experience.

The network of fuses responsible for powering these essential components can encounter issues over time, resulting in various Air Condition system problems. By familiarizing yourself with the fuse locations and assignments specific to your vehicle’s generation, you can troubleshoot and address any malfunctions effectively.

WARNING: The terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors may vary depending on the vehicle’s equipment level, model, and market. It is recommended to refer to the fuse box diagram provided at the back of the fuse box cover for accurate information.

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