Where are the fuse boxes located?

  1. Passenger compartment fuse panel / power distribution box : The fuse panel is located under the right-hand side of the instrument panel.
  2. Engine Compartment Relay Box: The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box contains high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.

1. Passenger Compartment

2021 Ford F 150 Under Dash Fuse Box Location

2021 ford f 150 passenger compartment fuse box location

How to access fuse panel ?


Remove the trim panel and fuse box cover to access the fuses.

To remove the trim panel for access to the fuse box, pull the panel toward you and swing it out away from the side and remove it. To reinstall it, line up the tabs with the
grooves on the panel, then push it shut.

2. Under Hood Fuse Box

2021 Ford F 150 Under Hood Fuse Box Location


2021 Ford F 150 Fuse Box Diagram

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

2021 Ford F 150 Under Dash Fuse Box Diagram


2021 Ford F 150 Under Dash Fuse Details

1Not used.
210 ADelayed accessory feed.
37.5 AWireless charger.
420 ANot used.
5Not used.
610 ADriver power window switch.
710 AGear shift module.
85 ACell phone passport module.
95 ACombined sensor module.
10Not used.
11Not used.
127.5 AEnhanced central gateway.
Climate control.
137.5 AInstrument cluster.
Steering column control module.
1415 ANot used (spare).
1515 AIntegrated control panel.
16Not used.
177.5 AHeadlamp control module.
187.5 ANot used.
195 AHeadlamp switch.
205 APassive start. Ignition switch. Key inhibit solenoid.
215 ATráiler brake switch.
225 ANot used.
2330 ADriver door control module.
2430 AMoonroof.
2520 ANot used.
2630 APassenger door control module.
2730 ANot used.
2830 AAmplifier.
2915 A12 inch display. Adjustable pedáis.
305 ANot used.
3110 ARF receiver. Driver monitor. Terrain management switch.
3220 AAudio control module.
33Not used.
3430 ARun/start relay.
355 A400 watt inverter run/start.
3615 AAuto-dimming interior mirror. Rear heat seat run/start. Adaptive front steering run/start. Heated wheel (vehicles without adaptive front steering).
3720 AAdvanced driver-assistance systems.
3830 A CBRear power windows.

2021 Ford F 150 Under Hood Fuse Box

2021 Ford F 150 Under Hood Fuse Box Diagram

2021 ford f 150 under hood fuse panel diagram

2021 Ford F 150 Under Hood Fuse Box Details

RatingProtected Component
140 ABody control module – battery power in feed 1.
340 ABody control module – battery power in feed 2.
430 AFuel pump.
55 APowertrain control module coil.
625 APowertrain control module power (gas, hybrid).
720 APowertrain control module power.
820 APowertrain control module power (hybrid).
810 APowertrain control module power (gas, diesel, Raptor, Tremor).
920 APowertrain control module power (gas, hybrid).
1020 APowertrain control module power (diesel).
1130 AStarter motor.
1340 ABlower motor.
1525 AHorn.
1920 ASnow plow switch (gas).
Rear heated seats (gas, diesel, hybrid).
2110 AHeadlamp run/start feed.
2210 AElectronic power assist steering.
2310 AElectric brake boost.
2410 APowertrain control module (gas, hybrid).
Transmission control module (diesel).
Glow plug control module (diesel).
2510 ACenter high-mounted stop lamp camera.
Tráiler camera. 2 kW inverter.
24 V alternator – run/start feed.
Analog rear video camera.
2850 AElectric brake boost.
2950 AElectric brake boost.
3040 ADriver power seat.
3130 APassenger power seat.
3220 AAuxiliary power point.
3320 AAuxiliary power point.
USB smart charger.
3420 AAuxiliary power point.
3730 ATailgate module.
3840 AClimate controlled seat module.
Power running boards.
4125 APower sliding back window.
4230 ATrailer brake control module.
4750 ACooling fan (gas, hybrid, Raptor, Tremor).
4820 ARear heated seats (Raptor, Tremor)
4950 ACooling fan (gas, hybrid, Raptor, Tremor).
5040 AHeated backlight (gas, hybrid).
5530 ATrailer tow park lamps.
5620 ATrailer tow stop and tum lamps (4-pin connector).
5810 ATrailer tow backup lamps.
6015 AUpfitterl relay (Raptor, Tremor).
6115 AUpfitter 2 relay (Raptor, Tremor).
6210 AUpfitter 3 relay (Raptor, Tremor).
6310 AUpfitter 4 relay (Raptor, Tremor).
6425 AFour-wheel drive.
6515 ATransmission control module (diesel).
6720 ATransmission run/start.
6930 ALeft-hand windshield wiper.
8225 AFour-wheel drive.
8350 ASupplemental heater (diesel).
8450 ASupplemental heater (diesel).
8550 ASupplemental heater (diesel).
8625 ASelective catalytic reduction system (diesel).
9120 ATrailer tow light module.
9515 APowertrain control module power (hybrid).
9810 APowertrain control module power (hybrid).
Coolant pumps (hybrid).
10015 ALeft-hand headlamps.
10115 ARight-hand headlamps.
10550 AActive front steering.
10730 ATrailer tow battery charge.
10815 ASpot lamps (pólice).
12130 AFuel filter heater (diesel).
1245 ARain sensor module.
12510 AUSB smart charger.
13425 AMulti-contour seats relay (gas, diesel, hybrid).
13810 ATailgate release.
1395 AUSB smart charger.
14615 ATraction battery control module (hybrid).
14740 AChange air cooler fan relay (Raptor, Tremor).
1595 ADC/DC power (hybrid).
16010 ASmart data link control.
16815 ATraction battery control module (hybrid).
16910 AMotor electric cool pump (hybrid).
17010 APedestrian alert control module (hybrid).
Traction battery control module (hybrid).
Electric motor cool pump (hybrid).
20260 ABody control module B+.
21030 ABody control module start stop.
3055 AUpfitter 5 relay (Raptor, Tremor).
3065 AUpfitter 6 relay (Raptor, Tremor).
R04Electronic fan relay 1.
R06Electronic fan relay 3.
R35Supplemental heater (diesel).
R36Supplemental heater (diesel).

WARNING: The terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors may vary depending on the vehicle’s equipment level, model, and market. It is recommended to refer to the fuse box diagram provided at the back of the fuse box cover for accurate information.

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