2008 Ford Focus History

The second generation(2nd) Ford Focus Mk 2 was launched at the Paris Motor Show on September 25, 2004, as a three and five-door hatchback and an estate, the new car was in 4-door sedan form.  

For the North American market, development followed a separate path. Since debuting at the 2007 North American International Auto Show, the restyled 2008–2011 generation was available as a two-door coupe and four-door sedan. In these Generation only interior was redesigned, including new seats, a new dashboard design, etc. 

Where are the Fuse Boxes located in 2008 Ford Focus ?

In the 2008 Ford Focus, there are two fuse boxes: one located under the dash and the other under the hood, providing easy access for maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Central Fuse Box in the 2008 Ford Focus is positioned in the dashboard, on the driver’s side, behind the glove box or protective cover.

The Auxiliary Fuse Box is situated on the rear left side of the engine compartment, next to the pillar.

Learn more about the Fuse Box Diagram of Ford Focus for other year models.

2008 Ford Focus Under Dash Fuse Box and Relay Location 

In 2008 Ford Focus the one fuse box located in the passenger compartment. The passenger compartment fuse is located on the right side of the steering wheel below the dashboard.

1998 ford focus under dash fuse box location

2008 Ford Focus Under Hood Fuse and Relay box location 

The Auxiliary Fuse Box is located on the left-hand side of the engine compartment.

2008 Ford Focus Under Dash Fuse Box Layout

Both the American and European 2008 Ford Focus models feature distinct dashboard fuse boxes.

American: 2008 Ford Focus Under Dash Fuse and relay Box Diagram

American: 2008 Ford Focus Under Dash Fuse and relay Box Details


Amp (A)Protected CircuitProblems, if malfunction
1Not used 
215Brake Switch CHMSL 
315ASatellite Radio 
4Not used 
510AShift Interlock 
620ARight Front Turn lamp/Left Front Turn lamp 
710ALeft Low beam Headlamp 
810ARight Low beam Headlamp 
915AInterior Lamps 
1015AInstrument Panel Backlighting 
11Not used 
127.5APower Mirrors 
14Not used 
1510ARecirculated Air, Air Conditioning 
16Not used 
1720APower Locks, Trunk Release 
1820AHeated Seats 
19Not used 
2015AData Link Connector 
2115AFoglamps, Foglamp Indicator 
2215AParking Lamps 
2315AHigh Beam Lamps 
2510ADemand Lamps, Trunk Lamps 
2610AInstrument Cluster 
2720AIgnition Switch 
285ARadio (Start) 
295AInstrument Cluster (Run/Start) 
30Not used 
3210ARestraints Control Module 
33Not used 
34Not used 
35Not used 
365APATS Module 
3710AClimate Control (Run/Start) 
40Not used 
4115ADoor Lock/Moonroof Switch Illumination, Electrochromic Mirror 
42Not used 
4310AInstrument Cluster, Heated Seats (Run/Accessory) 
44Not used 
455AFront Wipers (logic) 
467.5AFront Passenger Sensing System 
4730A (circuit breaker)Sunroof, Power Windows 

European: 2008 Ford Focus Under Dash Fuse and relay Box Diagram

European: 2008 Ford Focus Under Dash Fuse and relay Box Details

Fuse  Amps (A) Circuits protected  Problems, if malfunction
140Cooling fan   
280Power steering   
360Passenger junction box supply 1   
460Passenger junction box supply 2   
580Auxiliary heater   
660Glow plug (diesel only)   
730ABS, stability control pump   
820ABS, stability control valves   
920Powertrain control module (PCM)   
1030Climate control blower   
1120Ignition switch   
1240Ignition relay 15l   
1320Starter solenoid   
1440Heated windscreen, right-hand side   
1530Cooling fan relay (Sigma – non A/C only)   
1640Heated windscreen, left-hand side   
1730Convertible roof   
1830Power inverter   
1910ABS module   
2120Auxiliary heater   
2210Power steering module   
2330Headlamp washer   
2415Auxiliary heater (diesel only)   
2510Ignition, relays   
2615Automatic transmission   
2610PCM continuous supply (Focus ST and Focus RS only)   
2710Air conditioning clutch   
2810Glow plug monitoring (diesel only)   
2910Dual zone climate control   
303PCM, automatic transmission   
3110Battery sensor smart charging   
3210Automatic transmission   
3210Fuel injector power supply (Focus ST and Focus RS only)   
3310Heated oxygen sensors (petrol only)   
3310Intercooler bypass valve (diesel only)   
3320Heated oxygen sensor (Focus ST and Focus RS only)   
3410Injectors, ignition transformers   
3510PCM, valves, solenoids   

2008 Ford Focus Under Hood Fuse Box Layout

American: 2008 Ford Focus Under Hood Fuse and relay Box Diagram

American: 2008 Ford Focus Under Hood Fuse and relay Box Details

Protected CircuitProblems, if malfunction
115Heated mirror 
230Rear defrost 
320Power point 
420Fuel pump 
510Powertrain control module (PCM) KAPWR / Canister Vent 
615Alt sense 
710Reverse lamps 
8Not used 
940ABS motor 
1310A/C clutch 
1410PCM relay coil 
1520Front power point 
1620Cooling fan—low 
1730Cooling fan—high 
1820ABS solenoid 
20A/C clutch relay 
21A Rear defrost relay 
21BNot used 
21CBlower relay 
21DPCM relay 
2210Fuel injector 
233Ambient lighting 
24Not used 
25Not used 
2615PCM MIL 
30ACooling fan low speed relay 
30BStarter relay 
30DCooling fan high speed relay 
31AReverse lamp relay 
31BFuel pump relay 
32A/C clutch diode 
33EEC diode 
34One Touch Integrated Start (OTIS) diode 

European: 2008 Ford Focus Under Hood Fuse and relay Box Diagram

European: 2008 Ford Focus Under Hood Fuse and relay Box Details

FuseAmps (A)Circuits protected  Problems, if malfunction
10010Electronic modules ignition supply   
10120Electric sunroof control module, driver’s electric seat, roof control module (convertible only)   
10210Heater control, steering column, diesel particulate filter, remote control receiver   
10310Lighting control battery supply   
10410Battery saver, interior lamps   
10525Heated rear window   
10620Keyless system   
10710Instrument cluster battery supply, on-board diagnostics   
1087.5Accessory to cluster (audio and navigation unit)   
10920Cigar lighter, rear auxiliary power socket   
11010Daytime running lamps ignition supply to lighting control switch   
11115Fuel pump (petrol engine only)   
11215Audio modules battery supply   
11310Daytime running lamps (parking lamps)   
11410Instrument cluster ignition supply, engine immobiliser   
1157.5Lighting control ignition supply   
11620Fog lamps   
1177.5Number plate lamps   
11820Door module, left-hand rear   
11915Luggage compartment auxiliary power socket   
11925Luggage compartment auxiliary power socket (vehicles with trailer tow module)   
12020Door module, right-hand rear   
12120Heated front seats   
12210Airbag module   
1237.5Heated exterior mirrors   
1247.5Parking lamps, side lamps, tail lamps (left-hand side)   
1257.5Parking lamps, side lamps, tail lamps (right-hand side)   
12620Keyless system   
12725Electric windows   
128–  Not used   
12920Windscreen wipers   
130–  Not used   
13115Rear window wiper   
13215Brake lamps   
13325Central locking relays, passenger door module   
13420Central locking, driver door module   
13520Daytime running lamps   
13615Washer pump, heated washer jets   
13710Battery backup sounder   
13810Powertrain control module, accelerator pedal, automatic transmission   
13910Main beam right-hand side   
14010Main beam left-hand side   
14110Reversing lamp, electric mirrors   
14215Dipped beam, right-hand side   
14315Dipped beam, left-hand side   

WARNING: The terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors may vary depending on the vehicle’s equipment level, model, and market. It is recommended to refer to the fuse box diagram provided at the back of the fuse box cover for accurate information.

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