Where are the fuse boxes located?

  1. Passenger Compartment : The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal behind the cover.
  2. Engine Compartment Fuse Box: The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment (left-side).

1. Passenger Compartment

2006 ford ranger interior fuse panel location pic

2. Engine Compartment Fuse Box


2006 Ford Ranger Fuse Box Diagram

Passenger Compartment

2006 Ford Ranger Interior Fuse Box Diagram

2006 ford ranger under dash fuse box diagram pic

2006 Ford Ranger Interior Fuse Box Details

AProtected circuitsProblem, if blown or malfunctioned
15Instrument panel dimmer switch 
210Trailer tow park lamps 
310Right low beam headlamp 
410Left low beam headlamp 
530Windshield wipers/washer 
75Headlamp illumination indicator 
810Restraints Control Module (RCM), PADI (Passenger Air bag Deactivation Indicator) 
95Cluster air bag indicator 
1010Cluster (RUN/START), 4×4 module (RUN/START) 
1110Passenger compartment fuse panel (Logic power) 
1215Center console subwoofer amplifier, Satellite radio 
1315Horn, Interior lamps 
1415High beam headlamp, High beam indicator (cluster) 
1630Power windows 
1715Turn signals/Hazards 
18Not used 
1920Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL)/Stop lamps 
2010Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) module, Brake-shift interlock, Speed control module, Back-up lamps, Overdrive cancel switch, Electronic flasher (turn/hazard) 
215Starter relayProblem in starting.
2330Headlamps (low and high beam) 
262Brake pressure switch 
2710Climate control blower relay/blend doors, 4×4 module 
28154×4 module battery feed (B+) 
2920Cigar lighter or power point, Diagnostic connector (OBD II) 
305Power mirrors 
3120Front park lamps, Rear park lamps, License plate lamps, Dimmer switch, Trailer tow park lamps 
325Brake switch (logic) 
335Instrument cluster battery feed (B+) 
3420Power point 
3515Power locks 
15 One-touch down relay 
25 Accessory relay 

2006 Ford Ranger fuse box diagram under hood

2.3 L Engine Ford Ranger Power Distribution Fuse Box Diagram

2006 2.3 L ford ranger under hood fuse box diagram pic

3.0 L & 4.0 L Engine Ford Ranger Power Distribution Fuse Box Diagram

2006 3.0 L or 4.0 L ford ranger under hood fuse box diagram pic
AProtected circuitsProblem, if blown or malfunctioned
140Passenger compartment fuse panel 
240Amplifier (Tremor audio system only) 
340Passenger compartment fuse panel 
4Not Used 
550Passenger compartment fuse panel 
6Not Used 
8Not Used 
940Ignition switch 
10Not Used 
1130Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Engine sensors 
12Not Used 
1330Blower motor (climate control) 
14Not Used 
15Not Used 
16Not Used 
1740ABS (motor) 
18Not Used 
19202.3L engine: Engine fan 
20Not Used 
21Not Used 
22Not Used 
2320Fuel pump 
24Not Used 
2510A/C clutch solenoid 
26Not Used 
27204×4 module 
28Not Used 
30Not Used 
3115Fog lamps 
33Not Used 
34Not Used 
35Not Used 
36Not Used 
37Not Used 
387.5Trailer tow (right turn) 
3915PCM power 
40Not Used 
4115Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen (HEGO) sensors, EVAP canister vent valve, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) stepper motor, Transmission 
427.5Trailer tow (left turn) 
43Not Used 
44Not Used 


NoCircuitProblem, if blown or malfunctioned
45AWiper HI/LO relay 
45BWiper Park/Run relay 
46A(2.3 L): Fuel pump relayProblem in starting.
3.0L and 4.0L engines: A/C clutch solenoid 
46BWasher pump relay 
472.3L engine: Engine fan relay 
3.0L and 4.0L engines: PCM relay 
482.3L engine: Starter relayProblem in starting.
48A(3.0 L, 4.0 L): Fuel pump relayProblem in starting.
48B3.0L and 4.0L engines: Fog lamp relay 
54Powertrain Control Module (PCM) relay 
55Blower relay 
563.0L and 4.0L engines: Starter relayProblem in starting.
56A2.3L engine: A/C clutch solenoid relay 
56B2.3L engine: Fog lamp relay 


WARNING: The terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors may vary depending on the vehicle’s equipment level, model, and market. It is recommended to refer to the fuse box diagram provided at the back of the fuse box cover for accurate information.

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