The Coolant capacity for a Honda Amaze can differ depending on the model and engine type. Below Coolant Type, Capacity and schedule chart is as per Honda Amaze owners manual recommendations.

Choosing the correct coolant for your Honda Amaze is vital as it significantly impacts engine performance and safeguarding. The optimal oil for a Amaze should meet or exceed the precise oil specifications prescribed by Honda for your specific engine type.

When To Change Honda Amaze’s Coolant?

Monitoring your Amaze’s coolant is essential for its optimal performance. There are signs to watch for that suggest it’s time to consider a coolant change:

1. Oil Degradation:
Look out for indications such as increased engine noise, diminished performance, or engine overheating. These signs might indicate a decline in coolant effectiveness, which can be checked by observing any color change in the coolant.

2. Illuminated Warning Lights:
Check for any warning lights in Honda Amaze’s dashboard particularly those related to high engine temperature. This warning signifies that the vehicle has detected the coolant temperature as too high, signaling a potential need for a coolant change or top-up.

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3. Leakage:
If you spot oil leaks under your vehicle or notice the oil levels dropping faster than normal, it’s wise to conduct an inspection. This might indicate the need for an oil change or topping up the oil level if it’s low.

4. Scheduled Coolant change:
Regular coolant changes at specific intervals or mileage, whichever occurs first, are crucial. Following the guidelines outlined in the Honda owner’s manual ensures timely and effective maintenance. Refer to the below chart for precise details on when to schedule your coolant changes.

How much Coolant and what type of Coolant does the Honda Amaze engine require?

The type and quantity of coolant can differ based on the engine model and capacity. Below is a guide we’ve compiled, referencing the Honda Amaze’s manual, outlining the recommended grade and quantity of coolant:

Honda Amaze Coolant Capacity

EngineVariantCoolant CapacitySchedule ChangeRatioRecommended Brand
1.2 L (Petrol) i-VTECCVT3.66 Ltr.At 2,00,000 km or 10 Years, thereafter every 1,00,000 km or 5 Years40 (antifreeze)/ 60 (water) with distilled waterHonda All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type2
Manual Transmission3.74 Ltr
1.5 L
i-DTEC Turbo
CVT4.65 Ltrs
At 1,00,000 km or 5 years, thereafter every 60,000 km or 3 years
50/50 with distilled water.∙Honda All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type2
Manual Transmission4.41 Ltrs

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