The main purpose of the alternator fuse is to safeguard the battery charging system from excessive currents. If the alternator fuse blows due to different reasons, the charging of the battery might be affected. It’s important to locate the alternator fuse to replace it and restore the charging system’s functionality.

Symptoms of Blown Alternator Fuse in 2002 Honda Civic

Here are the symptoms of blown alternator fuse you might notice in your 2002 Honda Civic:

1. Dashboard warning lights
Check for any battery or alternator-related warning lights illuminated on the Honda Civic’s dashboard.

If the battery warning light is ON in your car, it signals an issue with the charging system. There are several potential causes for malfunctions in charging system, with a blown alternator fuse being one of the most frequent reasons for faulty charging systems.

2. Dim lights:
The headlights or interior lights might appear dimmer than usual due to inadequate power supply from the alternator caused by the blown fuse.

3. Dead battery:
A blown alternator fuse can lead to a drained battery as the charging system won’t function properly, resulting in insufficient power for starting the car or keeping it running.

Where is the 2002 Honda Civic Alternator Located ?

In the 2002 Honda Civic, the alternator fuse is situated in the under-dash fuse box located beneath the instrument panel on the driver’s side. Specifically, fuse number 4 is assigned to the alternator fuse in this vehicle.

2002 Honda Civic Alternator Fuse and Fuse Box Location.

In the 2002 Honda Civic, the alternator fuse is located in the under-dash fuse box in driver side.

2001 honda-civic-alternator-fuse-location-pic

2002 Honda Civic Alternator Fuse Location Diagram.

2001 honda civic alternator fuse diagram pic
YearFuse FunctionItem NoLocation 
2002Alternator Fuse4Under Dash Check more about Honda Civic 2002 Fuse Box Diagram and Location.

WARNING: The terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors may vary depending on the vehicle’s equipment level, model, and market. It is recommended to refer to the fuse box diagram provided at the back of the fuse box cover for accurate information.

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