The Mahindra Thar comes equipped with a range of modern features and relies heavily on various sensors for its functionality. These sensors communicate important information through the instrument cluster in the form of symbols and warning lights.

Understanding the meaning of these warning lights is crucial, as they indicate various aspects of the vehicle’s status and performance.

A set of common dashboard signs in Mahindra cars serves as a universal guide for drivers, remaining consistent across various models. These warning lights and symbols are vital tools that ensure drivers are informed about their vehicle’s functions and overall performance.

Some of these symbols relate to vehicle features (such as lights and sports mode), while others pertain to safety features (like blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warnings). Additionally, certain symbols may indicate mechanical issues (like low tire pressure and engine temperature warnings).

In this article, we’ll focus on the dashboard signs that are specific to the Mahindra Thar, providing drivers with insights into their meaning and importance for a better understanding of their vehicle’s functionality.

Types of Mahindra Thar’s Dashboard Warning Light

The color of warning lights or symbols in a Mahindra Thar indicates their importance and the nature of the issue they’re highlighting.

Warning lights in vehicles, including those in the Mahindra Thar, are typically categorized into three groups based on their colors and importance. These groups are:

  • Green or Blue: These lights provide information about the vehicle’s features or systems, such as high beams, turn signals, or cruise control. They are for informational purposes and typically not cause for immediate concern.
  • Amber or Yellow: Yellow or amber lights signify non-critical issues that require the driver’s attention but aren’t emergencies. They may indicate things like a fault in the ABS system, low fuel, or a service reminder.
  • Red and/or flashing: These are the most critical warnings and demand immediate attention. They often indicate serious issues like engine problems, low oil pressure, or overheating, and issues related to safety, such as seat belt warnings. Ignoring red warning lights can lead to severe damage or safety risks.

Mahindra Thar Dashboard Warning Lights

The layout of the dashboard display and the location of warning lights may vary depending on the year of manufacture and the model version of your Mahindra Thar. Not all indicators discussed here may be applicable to your specific Mahindra Thar.

1Left Turn Indicator18DEF indicator Lamp*
2OBD Check Lamp19Head Lamp High Beam Lamp
3Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Lamp20Seat Belt Warning Lamp
4Engine Start/Stop telltale*21Low Fuel Warning Lamp
5Door Ajar Warning Lamp22High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Lamp
6AT Malfunction indicator Lamp*23HHC malfunction *
7Airbag Warning Lamp244WD Low
8Water-in-Fuel warning Lamp*25HDC malfunction *
9Battery Charging System Warning Lamp26Parking Brake ON/Brake Fluid Low Warning Lamp
10Right Turn Indicator27ESP Warning Lamp*
11ABS Warning Lamp284WD HIGH
12Check Engine Lamp29ESP OFF*
13Overspeed Alert30Glow Plug Indicator*
14DPF indicator Lamp*31REGEN indicator Lamp*
15Parking Lamp32Cruise Control*
16Immobiliser Tiretronics*
17Front Fog Lamp Indicator*

Mahindra Thar Dash Signs Meaning

Turn signals

Name : Mahindra Thar Turn signals

Description : This warning symbol indicates that the turn signal is active. The blinking speed can convey different messages:

  • Slow Blinking: This signifies normal operation of the turn signal.
  • Fast Blinking: If the turn signal blinks rapidly, it indicates that one or more of the left turn signal bulbs have burned out. In this case, you should have the faulty bulb replaced to ensure proper signaling.


Cruise Control telltale

Name : Mahindra Thar Cruise Control.

Description : When the symbol is continuously illuminated, it indicates that the vehicle is in Cruise mode. This mode enables the cruise control system, allowing you to set and maintain a specific cruising speed on the highway.

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Name : Mahindra Thar water-in-fuel.

Description : If this symbol is continuously illuminated, it’s indicating a “water-in-fuel” issue. This means that there may be water present in the fuel filter. To resolve this, you should drain the water from the filter.

Immobiliser Lamp

Name : Mahindra Thar Immobiliser Lamp.

Description : The immobilizer lamp serves two functions:

  • Slow Blinking: When it blinks slowly, it means that the vehicle is armed with the remote. This is the normal operational mode when your vehicle’s security system is active.
  • Fast Blinking/Continuously On: If the immobilizer lamp is blinking rapidly or remains continuously on, it indicates a system malfunction. In this case, there may be an issue with the vehicle’s security system that needs to be addressed.

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ABS Warning Lamp

Name : Mahindra Thar ABS Warning Lamp.

Description : The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Warning lamp being continuously on indicates a malfunction in the ABS system. In this situation, it’s important to have the ABS system inspected and repaired as soon as possible to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle’s brakes.

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Park Brake / EBD / Low Brake Fluid Telltale

Name : Mahindra Thar Park Brake / EBD / Low Brake Fluid Telltale.

Description : The Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) or Park Brake Warning lamp being continuously on can indicate several possible conditions:

  • The park brake might be engaged.
  • The brake fluid level might be low.
  • There is a malfunction in the brake EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) system.

When this warning light remains illuminated, it’s important to check these potential issues and take the necessary steps to address them. This can include disengaging the park brake, checking and replenishing the brake fluid if it’s low, and having the EBD system inspected for any malfunctions.

Parking Lamp telltale

Name : MahindraThar Parking Lamp telltale.

Description : When the Parking Lamp telltale is continuously illuminated, it indicates that the Park Lamp is turned on. This warning light serves as a reminder that your vehicle’s parking lamps are currently active.

Airbag Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar Airbag Warning telltale.

Description : If the Airbag Warning light remains continuously illuminated, it indicates a malfunction in the airbag system. It’s essential to address this issue promptly, as it means that the airbags may not deploy as expected in the event of an accident, potentially compromising your safety.

HHC Malfunction

Name : Mahindra Thar HHC Malfunction.

Description : When the “HHC Malfunction” light remains continuously illuminated, it indicates a malfunction in the Hill Hold Control system. This system is designed to assist with hill starts, so a malfunction can affect your vehicle’s ability to hold on inclines.

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Door Ajar Warning.

Name : Mahindra Thar Door Ajar Warning.

Description : When the “Door Ajar Warning” light remains continuously illuminated, it’s indicating that one or more of the vehicle’s doors, trunk, or hood are open. Make sure to check and securely close all doors, the trunk, and the hood to turn off this warning light.

Low Fuel Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar Low Fuel Warning.

Description : If the “Low Fuel Warning” light remains continuously on or is blinking, it’s indicating that your fuel level has dropped to the reserve level. This is a sign that you should refuel your vehicle immediately to avoid running out of fuel.


Name : Mahindra Thar ESP OFF.

Description : If the “ESP (Electronic Stability Program) OFF” light is continuously on, it’s indicating that you have manually switched off the Electronic Stability Program in your vehicle.

ESP Malfunction Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar ESP Malfunction Warning.

Description : The “ESP (Electronic Stability Program) Malfunction Warning” light in your car can have two different states:

  • Blinking: This indicates that the ESP has taken control of the vehicle’s stability to prevent a skid or loss of control.
  • Continuously ON: This indicates a malfunction in the ESP system itself. If it’s continuously on, there may be an issue with the ESP system, and you should have it checked by a qualified technician.

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Front Fog Lamp

Name : Mahindra Thar Front Fog Lamp.

Description : The “Front Fog Lamp” warning, when continuously illuminated, simply indicates that your front fog lamps are turned on.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Name : Mahindra Thar Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Description : The “TPMS” warning, when continuously illuminated or blinking, signals issues related to your tire pressure. This could include low or high tire pressure or a potential malfunction in the Tiretronics system.

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Seat Belt Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar Seat Belt Warning.

Description : The “Seat Belt Warning” indicates that the seat belt is not fastened. It serves as a reminder for you and your passengers to buckle up for safety.

DEF malfunction

Name : Mahindra Thar DEF malfunction.

Description : The “SCR/DEF malfunction telltale” illuminated continuously signifies that there’s an issue with the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system. This could be due to a low DEF level, incorrect DEF used, or a malfunction in the DEF dosing system. It’s essential to address this issue to ensure your vehicle’s emissions control system is functioning correctly.


Name : Mahindra Thar DPF.

Description : If the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) telltale is ON while the engine is running or blinking, it indicates that a DPF regeneration has not occurred. DPF regeneration is a process that burns off accumulated soot in the filter to maintain its efficiency. When this light comes on or blinks, it may suggest that the DPF system needs attention to ensure proper emissions control.

Glow Plug

Name : Mahindra Thar Glow Plug.

Description : The Glow Plug telltale, continuously ON, indicates that the glow plugs are active. Glow plugs are essential components in a diesel engine that help with cold starting by preheating the combustion chamber. When this light is illuminated, it means the glow plugs are working to aid in starting the engine, especially in cold weather.

Head Lamp High Beam

Name : Mahindra Thar Head Lamp High Beam.

Description : When the “Head Lamp High Beam” telltale is continuously ON, it indicates that the high beam headlights are active. High beam headlights provide increased visibility when driving at night or in low-light conditions. This warning light is simply confirming that your high beams are engaged.

OBD telltale

Name : Mahindra Thar OBD telltale.

Description : The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) telltale is designed to stay continuously ON until the engine starts. After the engine has started, if the OBD telltale remains illuminated, it indicates a potential malfunction or issue within the vehicle’s diagnostic system that may require attention or service. It serves as a warning to have the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system checked to identify and address any problems.

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EPS Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar EPS Warning.

Description : The EPS (Electronic Power Steering) warning telltale staying continuously ON indicates a malfunction in the electronic power steering system. When this warning light is illuminated, it’s a sign that there may be an issue with the power steering system, and it requires attention and possible servicing to ensure safe and proper operation.

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning.

Description : The “Low Engine Oil Pressure” warning telltale staying continuously ON indicates that the engine oil pressure is low while the engine is running. This is a critical warning, and it means that there may be a problem with the engine’s lubrication system. When you see this warning light, it’s essential to turn off the engine as soon as it’s safe to do so and check the engine oil level.

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Check Engine

Name : Mahindra Thar Check Engine.

Description : The “Check Engine” warning telltale staying continuously ON or blinking indicates a potential malfunction in the engine’s electronic control system. When this warning appears, it means that the vehicle’s onboard computer has detected an issue with one or more components related to engine performance or emissions.

Here’s what the different states of the “Check Engine” telltale mean:

  • Continuously ON: This suggests there is an issue that needs attention. While the vehicle may still be operable, it’s advisable to have the engine inspected.
  • Blinking: A blinking “Check Engine” light is a more severe warning. It typically indicates a potentially serious issue, such as a misfire that can cause damage to the catalytic converter. When the light is blinking, it’s advisable to reduce speed and load and have the vehicle inspected immediately.

In either case, when the “Check Engine” warning telltale is active, it’s essential to have your vehicle inspected to determine the cause of the issue and take appropriate action to resolve it. Ignoring this warning could lead to more extensive and costly repairs down the line.

Battery Charging System Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar Battery Charging System Warning.

Description : The “Battery Charging System Warning” telltale, when continuously ON, indicates that the alternator is not charging the battery. In normal operation, this lamp comes ON when the ignition is switched ON and goes OFF once the engine starts. However, when it remains continuously ON, it signals that the battery is not charging as it should be. This could mean that the alternator, which is responsible for charging the battery and providing power to the vehicle’s electrical systems, is not functioning correctly.

When this warning light is illuminated continuously, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly because a failing alternator can lead to a discharged battery and cause the vehicle to stall. To resolve this problem, you should have the charging system, including the alternator and battery, inspected.

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High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning.

Description : The “High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning” telltale, when continuously ON or blinking, indicates that the engine’s coolant temperature has risen to an unsafe and potentially damaging level. This could be due to various reasons, such as a malfunctioning cooling system, low coolant levels, a faulty thermostat, or other cooling-related issues.


Name : Mahindra Thar REGEN.

Description : The “REGEN telltale” indicates the status of the regeneration process in a vehicle equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The telltale can have two states:

  1. ON: When the REGEN telltale is continuously ON, it indicates that a regeneration is required. This means that the DPF has collected a sufficient amount of particulate matter and needs to initiate the regeneration process to burn off these particles and maintain proper functionality.
  2. Blink: When the REGEN telltale is blinking, it signifies that a regeneration is currently in progress. During this time, the DPF is actively burning off the accumulated soot or particulate matter.

Regeneration is an important process to keep the DPF clean and functioning correctly. It typically occurs automatically during normal driving conditions, especially at highway speeds, but in some cases, a forced or manual regeneration may be required if the telltale remains ON.

AT Warning

Name : Mahindra Thar AT Warning.

Description : The “AT Warning” telltale is used to indicate various issues related to the automatic transmission (AT) in a vehicle. It can have the following states:

  1. Continuously ON: When the “AT Warning” telltale is continuously ON, it indicates an AT fault. This means there is a problem with the automatic transmission that requires attention and possibly service or repair.
  2. Blinking: When the “AT Warning” telltale is blinking, it implies that the clutch within the transmission is overheating. This typically occurs due to abusive driving conditions that place excessive stress on the transmission. The blinking is a warning to the driver to ease up on the transmission to prevent further damage. The telltale will turn off once the clutch temperature returns to normal.

HDC Malfunction

Name : Mahindra Thar HDC Malfunction.

Description : The “HDC (hill descent control) Malfunction” telltale, when continuously ON, indicates a malfunction in the Hill Descent Control system. Hill Descent Control is a feature that assists with controlled descents down steep slopes or hills. When this telltale remains illuminated, it means that the system is not functioning correctly.

Engine Start/Stop

Name : Mahindra Thar Engine Start/Stop.

Description : The “Engine Start/Stop” telltale, when continuously ON, indicates that the engine is in auto stop mode. In this mode, the engine has temporarily shut off to save fuel while the vehicle is stationary.

When it is blinking, it means the stop/start system is about to stop the engine. This typically occurs when certain conditions are met, such as the vehicle being at a complete stop and the driver’s foot off the accelerator pedal.

If the telltale is fast blinking, it means that the stop/start function is inhibited due to specific conditions not being met. These conditions might include low battery voltage, the engine not being at the correct operating temperature, or the air conditioning system requiring full cooling.

4WD High

Name : Mahindra Thar 4WD High.

Description : The “4WD High” telltale serves to inform the driver about the status of the vehicle’s four-wheel-drive system.

When it is continuously ON, it indicates that the four-wheel-drive high mode is fully engaged. In this mode, all four wheels are receiving power from the engine simultaneously, providing improved traction and stability, typically useful for off-road or slippery road conditions.

If the “4WD High” telltale is blinking, it signifies that the system is in the process of engaging the four-wheel-drive high mode. This means that the vehicle is transitioning into this mode, and once the engagement is complete, the light should become continuously ON.

4WD Low

Name : Mahindra Thar.

Description : The “4WD Low” telltale is used to communicate the status of the vehicle’s four-wheel-drive low mode, which is typically used in more challenging off-road conditions.

When it is continuously ON, it indicates that the four-wheel-drive low mode is fully engaged. In this mode, all four wheels are receiving power from the engine with maximum torque, providing the highest level of traction. It’s especially useful in severe off-road conditions where maximum power is needed.

If the “4WD Low” telltale is blinking, it signifies that the system is in the process of engaging the four-wheel-drive low mode. This means that the vehicle is transitioning into this mode, and once the engagement is complete, the light should become continuously ON.

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