The DEF Tank capacity for a Tata Harrier can differ depending on the model and engine type. Below DEF Type & Capacity chart is as per Tata Harrier owners manual recommendations.

Selecting the appropriate Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) for your Tata Harrier is crucial, as it directly influences emissions. It’s essential to use DEF that meets or exceeds the exact specifications recommended by Tata Motors for your particular engine variant. This ensures optimal performance and emission control for your vehicle.

When To Change Tata Harrier’s DEF?

1. Illuminated Warning Light:
The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in a Tata Harrier typically needs to be replenished when the DEF level becomes low. The Harrier’s dashboard will often display a warning message or indicator when the DEF level is running low, signaling that it’s time to refill the DEF tank.

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2. Scheduled DEF change:
Regular DEF changes at specific intervals or mileage, whichever occurs first, are crucial. Following the guidelines outlined in the Tata Owner’s manual ensures timely and effective maintenance. Always refer to the manual for precise details on when to schedule your DEF changes.

How much DEF and what type of DEF does the Tata Harrier require?

The type and quantity of DEF can differ based on the model and capacity. Below is a guide we’ve compiled, referencing the Harrier owner’s manual, outlining the recommended grade and quantity of DEF:

2024-2020 Tata Harrier (BS VI) DEF Tank Capacity

EngineDEF CapacityDEF TypeDEF CompanyRecommended Brand
2.0 L (Diesel) KryoTec BSVI15.0 Ltr.ISO22241 standardsNPLTATA ORIGINAL D.E.F

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