The gear oil capacity for a Tata Punch can vary depending on the model and engine type. The Gear Oil Grade & Capacity chart is in accordance with the recommendations provided in the Tata Punch owner’s manual.

Selecting the correct gear oil for your Tata Punch is crucial as it significantly affects engine performance and protection. The ideal oil for a Punch should meet or surpass the specific oil specifications set by Tata for your particular transmission type.

When To Change Tata Punch’s Gear Oil?

Monitoring your Punch’s gear oil is essential for its proper functioning. Here are indicators suggesting it might be time for an oil change:

1. Gear Oil Degradation:
Signs like transmission noise or a sticky gear shift can signal the decreased effectiveness of the gear oil, hinting at the necessity for an oil replacement.

2. Illuminated Warning Lights:
Check for warning light on the Tata Punch’s dashboard, particularly those indicating an AMT fault. These warnings might suggest low transmission oil levels or high transmission oil temperatures, indicating the need for either a top-up or a complete gear oil change.

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4. Scheduled oil change:
Regular Transmission oil changes at specified intervals or mileage, whichever comes first, are crucial. Adhering to the guidelines outlined in the Tata Punch owner’s manual ensures timely and effective maintenance. Always consult the manual for accurate details on scheduling your oil changes.

How much gear oil and what type of oil does the Tata Punch Transmission require?

The type and quantity of oil required can vary depending on the specific model and production year. Referencing the Tata Punch’s manual, we’ve compiled a guide outlining the recommended grade and quantity of oil:

2024-2021 Tata Punch Gear Oil Capacity

EngineVariantGear Oil CapacityChange IntervalGear Oil TypeGear oil CompanyRecommended Brand
1.2 Ltr Revotron
(BS-VI Petrol)
1.8 Ltr.75,000 km or 60 months.
(whichever comes earlier)
EP80WLL (Next Gen),
PetronasPETRONAS TATA MOTORS Genuine -Gear oil New Gen 80 EP LL
MobilubeMobilube GX – A 80W
AMT kit oilAs required.Every ServiceHydraulicPetronasTUTELA Cs – Speed

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