The Tata Sumo comes equipped with a range of modern features and relies heavily on various sensors for its functionality. These sensors communicate important information through the instrument cluster in the form of symbols and warning lights.

Understanding the meaning of these warning lights is crucial, as they indicate various aspects of the vehicle’s status and performance.

While the warning lights and symbols in the Tata Sumo serve to alert or inform you about the vehicle’s features and functionality, it’s important to note that not all symbols are as critical as others.

Types of Tata Sumo’s Dashboard Warning Light

The color of warning lights or symbols in a Tata Sumo indicates their importance and the nature of the issue they’re highlighting.

Warning lights in vehicles, including those in the Tata Sumo, are typically categorized into three groups based on their colors and importance. These groups are:

  • Green or Blue: These lights provide information about the vehicle’s features or systems, such as high beams, turn signals, or cruise control. They are for informational purposes and typically not cause for immediate concern.
  • Amber or Yellow: Yellow or amber lights signify non-critical issues that require the driver’s attention but aren’t emergencies. They may indicate things like a fault in the ABS system, low fuel, or a service reminder.
  • Red and/or flashing: These are the most critical warnings and demand immediate attention. They often indicate serious issues like engine problems, low oil pressure, or overheating, and issues related to safety, such as seat belt warnings. Ignoring red warning lights can lead to severe damage or safety risks.

Tata Sumo Dashboard Warning Lights

The layout of the dashboard display and the location of warning lights may vary depending on the year of manufacture and the model version of your Tata Sumo. Not all indicators discussed here may be applicable to your specific Tata Sumo.

1. Service Warning

Name : Tata Sumo Service Warning Light.
Description : The Tata Sumo service warning light serves as a reminder that scheduled maintenance is due based on either the distance the vehicle has been driven or the time period elapsed, whichever comes first. This light indicates the need for servicing to ensure the vehicle continues to operate optimally and maintain its performance.

2. Door Open Indicator

Name : Tata Sumo Door Open Indicator.
Description : The Tata Sumo door open indicator alerts you if any of the vehicle’s doors are not securely closed.

3. Lock Indicator Warning Light

Name : Tata Sumo Lock Indicator Warning Light
Description : The immobilizer warning light serves as an indicator for your vehicle’s anti-theft system. It illuminates when the system does not recognize the car key being used, which could be due to reasons such as using the wrong key or a key with a low battery. Here’s what each state of the immobilizer warning light indicates:

  • Blinks: The light blinks when the vehicle is in an immobilized condition, and a key is not inserted.
  • Lamp ON: If the light remains on continuously, it signals a problem with the key or the immobilizer system itself.
  • Lamp OFF: When the light is off, it signifies a normal condition, indicating that an authenticated key user is present, and the engine will start as usual.

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4. Hazard Warning Indicator

Name : Tata Sumo Hazard Warning Indicator.
Description : The Tata Sumo hazard warning indicator refers to the button or switch that activates the hazard lights, warning other drivers of a potential hazard or emergency situation.

5. Lights On Indicator

Name : Tata Sumo Lights On Indicator.

Description : The “Lights On Indicator” comes on when the parking, tail, and other external lights are turned on.

6. Malfunction Indication Lamp

Name : Tata Sumo Malfunction Indication Lamp.
Description : Illuminates when ignition is switched ‘ON’. Once engine is started, it
turns ‘OFF’. It remains ‘ON’ for any engine related fault that may increase emission levels of the vehicle beyond the regulatory norms.

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7. Water in fuel

Name : Tata Sumo Water in fuel (Diesel).
Description : Illuminates when ignition is switched ‘ON’. Once engine is started, it turns ‘OFF’ approx. 4 seconds. Illuminates continuously if excess water is accumulated in the fuel filter. Drain the water immediately to avoid serious damage to the fuel injection system.

8. Glow Plug

Name : Tata Sumo Glow Plug (Diesel).
Description : Illuminates when ignition key is in ‘ON’ position. Engine shall be started only after this indicator goes ‘OFF’.

9. Turn Signal

Name : Tata Sumo Turn Signal Indication.
Description : This warning light indicates the direction indicated by the turn signal. It blinks along with a buzzer when you activate the left or right turn indicator, but only when the ignition is switched ‘ON’. The direction indicator arrow on the instrument cluster flashes in sync with the external indicator lights as you select them. Both telltale lights will blink simultaneously when the hazard switch is pressed, regardless of whether the ignition is ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’. Additionally, a ticking sound will be emitted when any one or both of the telltale lights are illuminated.

10. High Beam

Name : Tata Sumo High Beam indication.
Description : This symbol illuminates when the high beam headlamps are switched ‘ON’ or flashed.

11. Low Oil Pressure

Name : Tata Sumo Low Oil Pressure.
Description : Illuminates when ignition is switched ‘ON’ and goes ‘OFF’ once required engine oil pressure is developed after starting the engine. If the low oil pressure indicator does not glow or remains ‘ON’ with the ‘IGN’ ‘ON’ and engine is running, it indicates a fault in the electrical circuit / lubrication system.

The engine oil warning lamp typically illuminates due to low oil pressure rather than low oil levels. If the lamp is on, it could indeed indicate a low engine oil level. Checking the oil level using the dipstick is the first step to confirm this issue. If the oil level is low, you should add oil as per the Tata’s recommended grade and capacity mentioned in the Sumo’s manual.

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However, if the oil level is adequate and the warning light persists, several other reasons could trigger the light.

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12. Battery Warning

Name : Tata Sumo Battery Warning Light.
Description : The red battery warning light illuminates when the Tata Sumo’s ignition is switched “ON”. Once the engine is started, it turns “OFF”. If the battery warning light stays on after engine started. If the battery light illuminates while driving the vehicle, it might signal a problem. However, there are many reasons why your battery light could turn on.

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13. Park Brake / Brake Fluid Low.

Name : Tata Sumo Park Brake / Brake Fluid Low.
Description : Illuminates momentarily when ignition is switched ‘ON’. Once parking brake is released, it turns ‘OFF’. If it remains ‘ON’, it indicates

  • Brake fluid level is low.
  • Park brake is applied & turns ‘OFF’ when it is released.
  • ABS/EBD system has a fault.

14. Driver Seat Belt Warning

Name : Tata Sumo Driver Seat Belt Warning.
Description : The seat belt warning indicator in the Tata Sumo functions as follows:

  • When you turn the ignition ‘ON’, the seat belt warning light comes on for 4 seconds as a reminder.
  • If the seat belt remains unfastened, the light will stay continuously illuminated for 30 seconds.
  • If you’re driving with the seat belt unfastened and the vehicle speed exceeds 4 kmph, the warning light will come on initially, but there won’t be an audio chime.
  • If you continue to drive with the seat belt unbuckled, and the vehicle speed goes above 15 kmph, a final warning will start. This includes an audio chime that will persist for 90 seconds continuously.

These functions are designed to encourage seat belt usage for safety.

8. High Coolant Temperature

Name : Tata Sumo High Coolant Temperature.
Description : The coolant warning light typically illuminates when the ignition is turned ‘ON’ and should turn ‘OFF’ after about 4 seconds. If the engine coolant temperature exceeds the normal range, this symbol may flash along with an audible buzzer. When the coolant temperature reaches a hazardous level, it remains steadily illuminated.

To address this issue, checking the coolant level using the dipstick is crucial to confirm the problem. If the coolant level is low, it’s recommended to add coolant of the grade and quantity specified in the Tata Sumo’s manual.

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