Power Train Generic Code

Tata OBD-II Fault Code List

Here is a list of standard diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) used by Tata Cars, whether BS4 or BS6 compliant, to identify vehicle problems:

  • P0XXX: Generic Powertrain Codes
  • P1XXX: Tata Specific Codes
  • P2XXX & P3XXX: Generic Codes
  • BXXXX: Body Codes
  • CXXXX: Chassis Codes
  • UXXXX: Network Codes

This code list has been prepared after thorough research and from authentic sources[1].

Fault CodeFault DescriptionTroubleshooting
P0001Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit/OpenHow to Fix P0001: Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit/Open?
P0087Rail pressure low during cranking
P0088Rail pressure error (over pressure)
P0101AMF plausibility fault
P0102AMF sensor fault – signal Low
P0103AMS sensor fault – signal High
P0104AMF sensor – after air filter – gradiant fault
P0107Atmospheric Pressure signal – low
P0108Atmospheric Pressure signal – High
P0109Atmospheric pressure sensor – electrical fault
P1100AMF sensor VEXT fault
P0112 Air Temperature Signal Low
P0113Air Temperature signal High
P0115Coolant Temperature Signal – Generic
P0116Coolant Temperature Signal – Plausibility
P0117Coolant temperature Signal – low
P0118Coolant temperature signal – High
P0119Coolant temperature signal – GRAD
P0120Limp Home Mode activated
P0122Pedal sensor Track1 signal – low
P0123Pedal sensor track 1 signal – High
P0182Fuel temperature signal – low
P0183Fuel temperature signal – High
P0192Rail pressure signal – low
P0193Rail pressure signal – High
P0194Rail pressure signal – Pressure Drop
P0201Cylinder no.1 Injector – open circuit
P0202Cylinder no.2 Injector – open circuit
P0203Cylinder no.3 Injector – open circuit
P0204Cylinder no.4 Injector – open circuit
P0216current too high on Bank 1
P0222Pedal sensor Track2 signal – low
P0223Pedal sensor track 2 signal – High
P0236Boost Pressure Plausibility
P0237Boost Pressure Signal – low
P0238Boost Pressure Signal – High
P0245VGT drive short to Ground
P0246VGT drive short to Vbatt
P0251IMV drive – short circuit
P0253IMV drive – short circuit to ground
P0255IMV drive – open circuit.
P0263Cylinder 1 Combustion imbalance
P0266Cylinder 2 combustion imbalance
P0269Cylinder 3 combustion imbalance
P0272Cylinder 4 combustion imbalance
P0299Boost control error
P0325Accelerometer – No signal when idling
P0335Engine Speed Signal- loss of signal
P0336Engine Speed Signal – loss of gap
P0337Engine Speed Signal – Engine stalled
P0340Cam shaft signal – loss of signal
P0341Cam Shaft signal – Synchronisation
P0371Engine speed signal – too early
P0372Engine speed signal – loss of teeth
P0380Glow plug driver fault (module)
P0400EGR Air error
P0489EGR solenoid valve control – OC SC-
P0490EGR solenoid valve control – SC+
P0500Vehicle speed signal – Generic
P0501Vehicle speed signal – Plausibility
P0502Vehicle speed signal loss
P0503Vehicle speed signal – excessive
P0562Battery Voltage Signal – Low
P0563Battery Voltage Signal – High
P0571Brake switch sensor-Brake pedal – signal error
P0606Watch dog – ECU Reset
P06425v sensor supply(vext 1) – low
P06435v sensor supply(vext 1) – high
P0646Air conditioning relay control – short circuit to ground
P0647Air conditioning relay control – short circuit
P0650MI lamp fault
P06525v sensor supply (vext 1) – low
P06535v sensor supply (vext 2) – high
P0685ECU supply control – Relay Stuck
P0691Low speedfan control – short circuit to earth
P0692Low speed fan control – short circuit
P0693Electrical fan drive fault – short to ground
P0694Electrical fan drive fault – short circuit
P06982.5V sensor Supply 2Aux fault – High
P06992.5V sensor Supply 2Aux fault – ADC
P0704Clutch switch electrical fault
P1101AMF sensor electrical fault
P1105Atmospheric Pressure sensor supply – Vext
P1107Atmospheric pressure signal – generic
P1110Air Temperature sensor supply – vext
P1115Coolant temperature sensor supply – vext
P1120Pedal sensor track 1_supply
P1121Reduced flow mode activated
P1123Pedal sensor – track 1&2 correlation ( 1 > 2)
P1171Cylinder 1 Injector – MDP Drift
P1172Cylinder 2 Injector – MDP Drift
P1173Cylinder 3 Injector – MDP Drift
P1174Cylinder 3 Injector – MDP Drift
P1180Fuel temperature sensor supply – vext
P1190Rail pressure sensor supply – vext
P1191Rail Pressure sensor fault(at key on)
P1192Rail pressure – low – when ignition switched on
P1193Rail pressure – High – when ignition switched on
P1201Cylinder 1 Injector – Short circuit
P1202Cylinder 2 Injector – Short circuit
P1203Cylinder 3 Injector – Short Circuit
P1204Cylinder 4 Injector – Short circuit
P1216current too high on bank 2
P1220Pedal sensor track 2 – electrical VEXT
P1223Pedal sensor – track 1&2 correlation ( 2 > 1)
P1235Boost Pressure sensor supply
P1236Boost Pr (electrical)
P1237Boost pressure signal – low -( when Ignition on)
P1238Boost Pressure Signal High ( When ignition on )
P1253Rail pressure control – Negative error
P1254Rail pressure control – Positive error
P1256Rail pressure control – Trim low and flow low
P1257Rail pressure control – Trim low and flow high
P1258Rail pressure control – Trim high and flow low
P1259Rail pressure control – Trim high and flow high
P1286Cylinder 1 Injector – resistance too low
P1287Cylinder 1 Injector – resistance too high
P1288Cylinder 2 Injector – resistance too low
P1289Cylinder 2 Injector – resistance too high
P1290Cylinder 3 Injector – resistance too low
P1291P1291 – Cylinder 3 Injector – resistance too high
P1292P1292 – Cylinder 4 Injector – Resistance too low
P1293P1293 – Cylinder 4 Injector – Resistance too high
P1526P1526 – High speed fan control – open circuit
P1560P1560 – Battery Voltage Signal – A/D converter
P1571P1571 – Brake safety signal fault
P1572P1572 – Brake light signal fault
P1600P1600 – Watchdog interference on injector cut off signal
P1601CPU or CPU clock
P1602TPU or TPU clock
P1606Non Volatile memory – Can or KW
P1607Watchdog – Injector cutoff impossible
P1608Watchdog – Injector unlock during startup
P1614Non volatile memory – I2C, MDP
P1615Non volatile memory – configuration
P1616Non volatile memory – rail pressure
P1617Non volatile memory – SMC cut off
P1618Cylinder 2-3 injector HSD
P1619Cylinder 2-3 injector HSD
P1620Non volatile memory – SC
P1621Non volatile memory – Fault manager
P1622Non volatile memory
P16415v supply (vext 1) – A/D converter
P1646Air conditioning relay control – open circuit
P1650Check Engine Lamp
P16515v supply (vext 2) – A/D converter
P1678Glow plug driver fault – open circuit
P1679Glowplug driver fault – short circuit
P1680Glowplug driver fault – Short to GND
P1685ECU supply control – Relay Open
P1691Low speed fan control – open circuit
P1693Fan2 control – open circuit
P16972.5V sensor Supply 2Aux fault – Low
P2009Swirl actuator – short to ground
P2010Swirl actuator – short to V batt
P2015Swirl feedback fault
P2141Intake throttle actuator fault – Short to ground
P2142P2142 – Intake throttle actuator fault – Short to VBatt
P2147Injector Bank 1 fault (electrical) – Low
P2148Injector Bank 1 fault (electrical) – High
P2150Injector Bank 2 fault (electrical) – Low
P2151Injector Bank 2 fault (electrical) – High
P2269P2269 – Water in fuel detected
P2299P2299 – Accelerator pedal – stuck – correlation with brake pedal


1. Tata Fault Code List: Tata DTC Troubleshooting Data.

Power Train Generic Code